Graceful Creature

Such a graceful beast

On the Beach

Wishing I was this bird, feeling warm sand between my toes.

The Harbor At Odessa

This piece is based upon a painting by Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky which was done in the 1800’s

this piece is based upon a 1800 painting by

Woodland Beauty

Kinda of over did it on the tree, never seen a purple trunk before, artistic endeavor. 🙂

Lioness Cometh

If you want to see a larger photo just click on picture for a larger view

Water Jug

This one is called the water jug, it really is a water fountain,

I liked working with the colors in this one.

Abandoned Mills

Digital Business Card

Business Card


Newest project working on is a castle theme. Should be done sometime this weekend or beginning of next week. Have to finish part of the tower and lower portion of the castle.

Lily White

This piece was done on a dark blue,French watercolor paper. Used oily funky chunky brush and it was 16×24

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