On the Beach

Wishing I was this bird, feeling warm sand between my toes.

The Harbor At Odessa

This piece is based upon a painting by Ivan Constantinovich Aivazovsky which was done in the 1800’s

this piece is based upon a 1800 painting by

Beacon at Sunset

Wish I was at the beach.

Woodland Beauty

Kinda of over did it on the tree, never seen a purple trunk before, artistic endeavor. 🙂

Yellow Splendor

When one has some spare time anything is possible.

Lioness Cometh

If you want to see a larger photo just click on picture for a larger view

Bathing Bear

A gentle soul cooling off in a summers day

Water Jug

This one is called the water jug, it really is a water fountain,

I liked working with the colors in this one.

Abandoned Mills

Digital Business Card

Business Card

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