Old Pieces finished

Finished off a few old pieces that were over a year old, still feel i could have done better on the portrait one though



African Long Neck

This is a reworked one where i repainted the background to give it more texture.

African Traveler

I have not created anything for awhile, recently finished one  called African Traveler.

Woodland Beauty

Kinda of over did it on the tree, never seen a purple trunk before, artistic endeavor. 🙂

Lioness Cometh

If you want to see a larger photo just click on picture for a larger view

Bathing Bear

A gentle soul cooling off in a summers day

Little Singer

little singer

Love the contrast between the purple and gold in this piece.

Sold a Piece

Sold an artwork today, a lady saw “Little Blue” a few months ago and today she came to my work and asked to purchase it.

My wife gonna hate me for she liked this one, but I think she liked the frame more 🙂

little blue

This one has been in a few art shows and I had many great response to it, this one was done in a teardrop style brush stroke.

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