The Gesture

Called “The Gesture” oil on linen canvas

Dwayne Schweitzer is the artist of this piece, which took me about 7 hours.

Dreamers Kreation Studio

Lily White

This piece was done on a dark blue,French watercolor paper. Used oily funky chunky brush and it was 16×24

Little Singer

little singer

Love the contrast between the purple and gold in this piece.

Sold a Piece

Sold an artwork today, a lady saw “Little Blue” a few months ago and today she came to my work and asked to purchase it.

My wife gonna hate me for she liked this one, but I think she liked the frame more 🙂

little blue

This one has been in a few art shows and I had many great response to it, this one was done in a teardrop style brush stroke.

Image sizes

If you want to see a larger image of some of my artwork click on the Entries RSS, then click on the jpg files to view large images. Some jpgs my be in only one format.

Angel Church

Hopefully all churches have a guardian like this.

angel church

Group of Three

grouping of three

Simplicity of a still life 🙂


I have been in the Camrose Artwalk for the last three years and have participated in the Battle River Art Club Yearly art shows. This summer I was asked to come to the Viking Art Show which I did. It was a great experience.

Battle River Art Club

Check out the art group that I belong to, see what they are up to and planning on. They are called the Battle River Art Club, our members are from the county of Flagstaff, Alberta. They are truely a gifted group of people that I have the honor of associating with. They are on word-press and their blog is called  The Paint Palette. Their web address is

Current display locations

Sedgewick- Sedgewick Battle River Credit Union

– Sedgewick Museum

Killam- Killam public library

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